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These new pieces are listed were created during or after Spring 2003, with a combination of all or some of the following software products: Propellerheads' Reason, Ableton's Live, Apple's GarageBand, and Apple/Emagic's Logic. For hardware, I use a Casio WK-1800 workstation, an Ibanez Artcore electric guitar, and (replacing my humble 800) a 1.8 GHz iMac G5 . All files are available in MP3 format, which can be played back with any standard digital media player.

The following pieces are completely finished works, and as such, they are subject to all national and international intellectual property laws.

The Memory of a Dream — with a wide range of influences and ethnic flavors, as well as an ethereal and almost mystical air, "The Memory of a Dream" is my most accomplished work to date, and encapsulates a tremendous new assortment of musical ideas and themes. This piece also represents the most complex piece I've done--and the result is a truly professional sound far beyond anything else I've had the pleasure of working on. For those of you who are interested, listen to what this piece used to sound like.

Mirage — short but sweet, "Mirage" is simple yet surprisingly atmospheric in its own right. Originally an idea I had for the main theme of the movie I'm working on, it ended up being rejected for this purpose— but I kept the song anyway, since I liked it so much :)

Dawn of Forever — soaring and uplifting, this track was the first of my new work, and still one of the best. It has an obvious playfulness to it —you can tell I was having fun with this one.

Ad Astra (To the Stars) — haunting, dreamlike, and instantly memorable, this is fast becoming my most recognized piece— and it's easy to see why!

A World Apart —a darker, more mysterious track , this is an inexplicable fusion between classical orchestral music and modern dance. The combination works surprisingly well.

The following pieces are "experiments in progress"—basic sketches of various musical possibilities. They are the gems of what may become fabulous songs, but for now, treat them as early demos.

Remembering — a Celtic-hued piece that's my best performance as far as solo piano goes. Sounds great as-is, but I have great plans for this one—for one, there's definitely going to be one hell of a cool bassline ;)

Riptide — a distinctive Middle Eastern flavor permeates this track, full of some serious groove. Powered by crunchy guitars, slick drumming, and even some violins, this is one hell of a beginning. I have to say, I like where this is going!

Sadness Revisted — revisiting and reinterpreting "Sadness" from my first album, this track is more dynamic and poignant, not to mention quite a bit higher quality! This is almost done, but lacks that special something it needs in order for me to call it a finished track.

At the Ends of the Earth — a test of Ableton Live, mostly; this is as unfinished as they come, and has many, many flaws. I do hope to get this moving again at some point, though.

Resonance — this one started off well, but definitely collapses near the end. I don't know why I haven't worked on it more; it could really end up pretty good in the future...

Persephone's Nightmare — jilted and cofusing, with far too much bass; let's just say I hate this one, but had to put it up to represent what all of this finished music starts out as :) This does have some potential, however. Someday...

©2002-2004 David-Michael Cook. All rights reserved.