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Out There Blue Social Equation

I've become involved with a number of video projects within the last two years, and have shot some incredible footage in the process. You can view and/or see details about each of my current & past projects below. Because of the high quality of these video files, they run at a bandwidth of approximately 100k/s; please view them over a broadband connection for best results. You'll need Apple's QuickTime 6 media engine—if you have iTunes on your computer, or are using any recent Mac, you already have it installed.

click to play.

The Memory of a Dream [33 MB, 4:30]

The first film set to my own music, "The Memory of a Dream" is in many ways the culmination of all my audio/video work to date. Burrowing further into the world of dream-states first explored in "Out There", this film expands on every aspect of my earlier work and features some of my most breathtaking sequences yet—set, of course, to an all-new original song. Enjoy—I don't think there's going to be anything else quite like this for a long , long time.

click to play.

Out There [35 MB, 4:30 + credits]

This music video, set to the song "Out There" by the Solar Twins, is a dark, dreamlike exploration of the capabilities of my then-brand-new camera. Set almost entirely at night (with a bit of a surprise at the end), this short film explores feelings of isolation and loneliness, as well as showcasing some beautiful sights in and around New York City. The film was shown at the Digital Video Film Festival at my high school and garnered some very favorable reviews there.

click to play.

Blue [27 MB, 4:01]

Where else could one find tunnels, steampipes, a Capuchin monkey, the iTunes visualizer and a whole lot of water? Set to A Perfect Circle's hit single "Blue", this video is faster, edgier and definitely weirder than anything else I've done. There's some incredible imagery, though-- I outdid myself this time! I had less than one week to complete the entire movie in order to qualify for A Perfect Circle's music video contest--which unfortunately I didn't win, but had great fun in trying!

The Great Social Equation [in progress] — click for video (WMV format) and here for my audio (mp3 format).

This full-length independent film, scheduled for release in 2005, is being produced by an old friend of mine. I am not the director of this piece, but I am producing the soundtrack for the film. The link leads to the main page for the movie.