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Photography is one of my passions, something I call "the art of admiration". Good photography depends on many things, but I feel that the best work comes from a true admiration and respect for the beauty of the world. With every shot, one learns not only about the camera and its particular style, but about the way our visual reality is constructed; the way color and shadow work together, the way a building's vertical lines blend into the distance. This portfolio highlights some of my favorite pieces out of my 5,000-plus photo catalog, and more shots will be added as they are taken. Feel free to email me with any comments you may have!

Update: I transitioned to a Flickr page for handling my newer (post-2005) photos, but hope to have a real, full-on portfolio at this domain within the next few months. Thanks for bearing with me as I sort out the whole three-separate-websites deal.

  • Cityscapes (27 Photos) — complex dances of light & metal; towering hulks of steel and glass. A frame-by-frame journey through a city changing by the minute.
  • Abstract/Surrealism (32 Photos) — abstraction & refraction; fragments of anything and everything, sewn by a common thread of stark and sometimes poignant beauty.
  • Civilization (22 Photos) — the marks, memories and miracles left by human hands; records and relics of what we've done and who we've been with the time we have been given.
  • Nature (18 Photos) — "Man's conquest of Nature turns out, in the moment of its consummation, to be Nature's conquest of Man." — C.S. Lewis

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