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Over the past six years, I've produced quite a bit of music, ranging from early experiments with a program called GrooveMaker to highly-evolved works featuring dozens of instruments, both real and software-based. I've taught myself everything I know about playing piano and guitar, as well as learning each program necessary to produce this work (really, who needs manuals?).

My first full-length album, Terrestrial, was produced when I was thirteen years old. It was marketed, as a CD, on mp3.com. Due to policy changes in the mp3.com service, (which subsequently shut down the site altogether) I withdrew my music and retained the copyright to the original work. I am no longer charging for these pieces, and they are freely downloadable—all 16 tracks. Enjoy them!

Starting in the spring of 2002, when I was fifteen, I began work on far more ambitious musical projects involving software synthesis, advanced mixing, timestretching, and much more. I hope you find these new pieces as exciting and beautiful as I do!

©2002-2004 David-Michael Cook. All rights reserved.