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My writing work has largely transitioned over to Evolation. Head there for an inspiring journey through consciousness and culture, and be sure to check out music(at)evolation for reviews featuring the best in contemporary electronica, post-rock and world music.

My work and subject matter is ever-changing. my whole involvement with Web design initially came from an interest in publishing an online magazine of writing and poetry. This magazine, known as EnigmaZone, was online for approximately three years and was widely acclaimed by many Netizens—including the former economic advisor of Macedonia, who, surprisingly enough, was a devoted fan. In addition, my poetry has been published in three separate years of the National Library of Poetry's "Best Poets Of..." anthologies. Over the course of the last four years, a series of vignettes and short pieces, ranging in topic from the state of the music industry to the art of writing to mankind's place in the universe, made up much of the site's content. Now, however, I am focusing primarily on poetry. I am also in the process of writing a full-length science fiction drama entitled A Candle in the Night, which I hope to someday finish...

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