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Hello, and welcome to Blue Fusion Media. Thanks for stopping by!

This site and all its content are the work of David-Michael ("DM") Cook, a 20-year-old writer-composer-photographer-filmmaker-programmer from New York City. In his relatively short tour of the planet so far, DM has been trying to understand as well as to assimilate as much of the world's assorted culture as humanly possible--which, while difficult, has proven to be an interesting journey. At the age of ten, he became alerted to the fact that every moment is a chance to open more fully to the universe. He spends a surprisingly large chunk of time informing others of this fact, and/or appearing completely overcome with excitement at "the sheer beauty" of whatever is occuring. It's an inspiring state to be in--try it sometime!

DM is that person you saw on the bus or train last year who you somehow really wanted to talk to but didn't because you thought it would be awkward. He remembers you, though, so don't worry.

DM lives less than 100 feet from the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan, and both his parents were home when "it" happened--but are all fine, including the cat (who miraculously survived for 33 days before he could be retrieved). After 18 months of heavy, EPA-level cleanup, the family was able to move back to our building; albeit with a very different view out the window. For more information on that journey home, be sure to check out his dad's website on the subject.

DM is obsessive about personal evolution, "lifehacks" and mental/spiritual growth and plans to start a blog on the subjects in the near future. He is a practicing Buddhist, raging Mac fanatic, overachiever, perfectionist, and sophomore at Bennington College in Vermont, where he studies music, anthropology, Chinese (ta xuexi Hanyu!), digital arts, and psychology. He has an intense love of very small, well-crafted objects. He is probably losing his mind, but is enjoying the process immensely.

Inspiration: a list of highly-recommended music.

DM would like you to remember that life is more beautiful and more terrible than we can ever understand -- and that no matter what you do with your life, feel into it with everything you are. He would very much like to meet you!

Production notes: produced entirely on an itty-bitty 12" Powerbook G4. Programs: Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver. Equipment: Ibanez TM71 electric guitar, Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar,

Please email any questions or comments—email is awesome!

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