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Hello and welcome to Blue Fusion Media, the online portfolio of artist, composer and writer David-Michael (DM) Cook. Now in its fourth major revision, Blue Fusion Media boasts a variety of original music, video, photography and much more. I hope you enjoy the work, and I look forward to your comments or questions!

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7.27.07 - Introducing Evolation - an inspiring journey through consciousness and culture featuring provocative, original writing. Wake up - this moment is all we have.

Along with Evolation comes my all new music review site, music{at}Evolation-- reviewing the most inspirational new work in contemporary electronica, post-rock and worldbeat. Stop by and find what drives you!

Update: [date null] I transitioned to a Flickr page for handling my photos, but hope to have a real, full-on portfolio at this domain within the next few months. Thanks for bearing with me as I sort out the whole three-separate-websites deal.

  • About — find out more about the creator of the site, DM Cook
  • Photography — a vast collection of captured imagery, in four categories
  • Music — some electronica and new age music I've written and produced
  • Writing — my award-winning poetry & sample chapters of my novel-in-progress
  • Video — three cool music videos—you won't want to miss these!
  • Digital Art — 3D landscapes, rendered images and animation
  • Links — a growing resource for the like-minded web surfer
  • Contact — every possible way to get in touch—I personally answer all email!

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