These pieces were created during or after Spring 2003, using Reason, Ableton Live, and/or Logic. Almost everything is done in software, except for my guitar (an Ibanez TM-71).

Submerged : The melody that once provoked "The Memory of a Dream" is finally fully realized-- with piano, plucked cello, and sizzling, effected beats.

The Memory of a Dream : ethereal and soaring, with a wide range of ethnic flavors and sounds.

Mirage : Short but sweet, "Mirage" is surprisingly atmospheric. Originally an idea I had for the main theme of a movie it was rejected for this purpose... but I kept the song anyway, since I liked it so much :)

Ad Astra : Haunting, dreamlike, and instantly memorable, this is fast becoming my most recognized piece.

A World Apart : a darker, more mysterious track, this is an inexplicable fusion between film score and modern dance music.

Dawn of Forever: Ridiculously exuberant, this one just couldn't wait to get out. One of the older works represented here, so the sound quality's pretty bad, but it's still one of my favorites.