The Memory of a Dream | 2005 (33 MB, 4:30)

The first film set to my own music, "The Memory of a Dream" is in many ways the culmination of my audio/video work to date. Burrowing further into the world of dream-states first explored in "Out There", this film expands on virtually every aspect of my earlier work and features some of my favorite sequences yet. Enjoy... I don't think there'll be anything else like this for a while.

Out There | 2003 (35 MB, 4:30+Credits)

This music video, set to the song "Out There" by Solar Twins, is a dark, dreamlike exploration of the capabilities of my then-brand-new camcorder. Set almost entirely at night (with a bit of a surprise at the end), this short film explores the isolation, the surrealism, and the magic of life in New York City.

Blue | 2005 (27 MB, 4:01)

Set to A Perfect Circle's hit single "Blue", this video is faster, edgier and definitely weirder than anything else I've done. I had less than one week to complete the entire film in order to qualify for the band's music video contest. I didn't win, but I had a lot of fun trying!