My main purpose in creating is to give voice to the beauty in each moment. I feel that within daily experience are worlds within worlds, textures that can be peeled back and studied, sublime complexities hidden in the commonplace. I use my work to highlight this "secret world", to explore the chance alignments and startling coincidences of time, texture and place. I am fascinated by the movements of people and nature, of the flow of information, ideas and lives, and I seek their connections and intersections through photography.

If I could do anything in the world it would be to follow in Yann Artus-Bertrand's footsteps, snapping aerial abstractions that seem more at home within a microscope. I want to hold a mirror up to our planet and say "this too is significant". For all our sound and fury we are still largely unaware of the grace and magnificence of both the large-scale world-- the one that will persist long after we do not--and the small-scale one-- which we can know only in afterimage. My photographs, then, are meditations on the colossal and the intrinsic.

When I create my best work, it breaks free of any rules or boundaries I began with. The right elements seem to lock into place without my asking them; time, light and color combine in ways that fascinate me the longer I look, creating a sense of rhythm and motion that often could not have been predicted or accounted for. A handful of images-- "These Are Truly the Last Days", "You Can’t Go Home Again", "Red Dancer #1" and "Last Call", to name a few-- are successful to me largely because they are continually hypnotizing, dense with nuance and filled with vivid color. Working primarily in digital, I approach the world as a landscape ripe for remixing: I believe that images must serve as a source of constant reinvigoration while reminding us that our knowledge is forever limited to a single frame. A photograph tells a story in the most succinct and precise way possible, and through its content it must continue to engage the viewer forever, divorced of all other exposition. It is my hope that my "stories” serve as reminders of that world hidden between the moments of our own -- a world of subtlety, power, and beauty wrung from chaos.

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