The cold creeps in
on tentative tendrils
like wisps of unfinished dreams…
a crackling burst of freezing light
sears the bone and scorches the soul
with its snow-white purity.

So empty it is,
the wind and your breath the only sounds in the world…
a place where life is caught in a single breath,
a single heartbeat,
and is gone just as freely;

Yet all that is found—
the peace, and cold quiet here,
The emptiness that sits within you
like the silent moon on the tides
as you float in this cold, clear world of nothing but the sound
of snow falling…

All is lost now, leaving only cold gray memory
as the sun reaches high at last, and this strange world of ice and snow
is gone forever, crackling into nothing
Faded, like a burnt-out picture
of days gone by.