Selected for the National Library of Poetry's "Best Poets of 1999 " compilation; this, my most famous poem, was written when I was 11.

Here we are,
among a montage of shattered steel and broken dreams;
Grasping for any way we might find peace
in our crystal universe.
We do not know
what waves of wisdom will pick us up next,
what tides of time will wash over the beach of civilization
and challenge us to look ahead.

We struggle through the vortex of realization
somewhere between consciousness
and unconsciousness;
We don’t know
if someone will come,
to show us the way through the maze of the universe.
We can’t determine
what we may glimpse through the veils of time,
what we may find as we delve into those secrets
buried in the bottomless vault of the universe.
There’s no end to the questions we may have
no end to our wonder when we see the electric fire of lightning in the sky
or when we see for a brief second
through the tunnel of nebulas and fallen suns.

The echoes of lost civilizations are scattered into space
as we spin through the vortex
and struggle to understand.
Beyond us—