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A Candle in the Night is the title for my novel-in-progress. The original draft contained over 225 pages, but the story was reworked drastically, necessitating a complete rewrite. The current draft stands at just under 40 pages; you are welcome to read this first sample chapter below, in Adobe PDF format.

Read on for a summary of the plot, or click here to download the first chapter.

A Candle in the Night tells the tale of three teenagers who wake up one morning imbued with psychic and spiritual powers they could never have imagined—and can never hope to control. A terrible evil draws near, and in the hour of greatest need, only Joshua and Samantha can unite and save mankind; but Man, it seems, has never wished to be united. At every step, the sheer destruction rendered by Joshua, Samantha, and Sophia’s incredible powers comes back to haunt them, as an entourage of the world’s leading military and law enforcement agencies give chase across the splintered nations of a world in transition.

The battles rage in newspapers and public forums across the globe—are these Children to be honored or feared? What if what they say is true? Should they be protected and studied, or should they be killed before they destroy us all? As the teens' extraordinary abilities begin to manifest themselves in thousands of others, the call is heard to rally against the "evolutionary intruders", and segregation soon spirals into open warfare. What began as a quest to warn the world of impending danger has become a battle between science and spirituality, between the machine of logic and the evanescence of the human soul. Yet on both sides there is doubt: for Joshua and Samantha could be the prophets of a new age... or the most dangerous beings in the history of the world.

A complex allegory of civilization and the industrialized mindset, A Candle in the Night is a novel both of fear and of hope, speaking to the power of a single insight as well as the crushing force of media domination.  Set to the blurred pace of an unapologetically synthetic present, Candle takes the venerable sci-fi concepts of dystopia and revolution and applies them not to the distant, antiseptic spaces of Brave New World and 1984, but to the gritty closeness of the modern era.

This could have happened anywhere, at any time.

But it’s happening here.

And it’s happening now.

Download Chapter One — The Awakening (Adobe PDF Format)

©2002-2004 David-Michael Cook. All rights reserved.