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Blue Fusion Media's extensive redesign has necessitated a huge amount of modern code, some of which cannot be displayed properly in older web browsers. In order to best experience the site, you need a browser at version 5.0 or better.

Please, if you can help it at all, stop using Internet Explorer. It is buggy, allows websites to hijack your computer (on Windows only), and is ridiculously slow in comparison to more modern browsers. Windows users should, if at all possible, switch to Mozilla or Firefox, which are free, constantly-updated and lightning-fast web browsers based on similar code. Mac OS X users, please use Safari if you aren't already.

These browsers will give you the best experience on the internet, not just on this site but on any you may visit:

  • Windows Browsers
    • Mozilla - every feature imaginable; completely customizable, too
    • Firefox - fast, tiny (less than 4 MB!), and full of cool features
  • Mac OS X Browsers
    • Safari - the best browser on any platform
    • Mozilla - the standard for render quality; if Mozilla can't do it, nothing can
    • Firefox - Mozilla's little brother; faster and almost as good
    • Camino - fast and more Mac-like than Firefox & Mozilla
    • OmniWeb - is it possible for a browser to be... beautiful? Sure is.

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